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Qualifying for Access

You may qualify for access to SecureNet or Intersite resources if you are:

  • Doing collaborative work with one of the host labs
    Your point of contact (collaborator) at the site you want access must authorize you for an account.
  • Doing ASC research at a DOE site
    You must have submitted a proposal and received authorization for ASC resources.
  • Doing ASC research through the Academic Strategic Alliance Program (ASAP)
    You must have submitted a proposal for ASAP and received authorization for ASC resources.

If you have additional questions about access and accounts, contact your local SecureNet Host.

Host Labs

Host Labs are labs that act as "host" sites, i.e., as the host, they provide the computing resource.

The person requesting the computing resource is called a "guest," who may be allowed access to these resources by the "host" site with the proper approvals.

Labs that host Intersite, ASC, and SecureNet resources are:

Other host sites for SecureNet resources include:

Getting an Account

SecureNet (Secure Resources)
  • To request an account for Tri-Lab ASC computing resources, use the SARAPE form.
  • To request non-Tri-Lab ASC SecureNet resources or classified applications at SNL, submit the SecureNet Form. The SecureNet Form is used to collect information about the guest, what resources the guest wishes to use, and requires signatures of approval for the account to be authorized.

Applicants requesting access from non-DOE sites should check with their sponsor.

Upon approval, users receive a login and password from the host site.

For more information about accessing classified computing resources, see Access Information.

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