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screen shot of SQL schema

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CASC Newsletter | Vol 4 | January 2018

Highlights include complex simulation codes, uncertainty quantification, discrete event simulation, and the Unify file system.

Compiler Technology | Computational Math | Computational Science | Discrete Mathematics | HPC Systems and Software | Resource and Workflow Management | Storage, File Systems, and I/O | UQ and Statistics

hydrodynamics simulation

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spherical ZFP images showing progression of in-line floating point compression

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CASC Newsletter | Vol 2 | July 2017

Highlights include the directorate's annual external review, machine learning for ALE simulations, CFD modeling for low-carbon solutions, seismic modeling, and an in-line floating point compression tool.

AI/ML | Computational Math | Computational Science | Data Compression | Data Science | Discrete Mathematics | Hydrodynamics | Open-Source Software | Seismology

Catalyst computer, human being figure and whiteboard sketch compilation

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CASC Newsletter | Vol 1 | April 2017

Highlights include the HYPRE library, recent data science efforts, the IDEALS project, and the latest on the Exascale Computing Project.

AI/ML | Algorithms at Scale | Biology/Biomedicine | Computational Math | Computational Science | Data Science | Data-Driven Decisions | HPC Architectures | HPC Systems and Software | Hybrid/Heterogeneous | Open-Source Software | Solvers

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